Sunday, 14 October 2012

did you know?..

-Zayn is not afraid of water anymore! He came across it in the WMYB video.
-When Zayn was 6 years old, so he threw a television through a window!
-Liam asked a girl if she wanted to go out 22 times, once she said yes she dumped him the next day!
-Zayn likes girls with pink nail polish!
-When Louis is bored brankcalls he always Niall!
-Liam cried to "Toy Story 3".
-They wrote Taken, Stole my heart and More than this!
-Niall cried to "Finding Nemo."
-Harry sleeps with a blanket he had when he was little!
-Niall would be Cheryl Cloe for a day. Because he wants to know what it's like to be so hot!
Louis-old car named "Cheryl"!


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